We are a Community Interest Company and our aim is to protect young people from potential digital dangers through advice, educational workshops and e-safety guidance. Our resources have been specially created for parents and educational facilities.

Cyber Hero—
Keeping Young People Safer Online!

Our free parental resources have been developed around the ‘Education for a Connected World’ framework set by the UK Council for Internet Safety, The UK Government’s statutory  ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education Framework’  and from extensive research. Our guidence can help children spend more quality time online and  improve their physical and mental digital well-being at home and in school.

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 Why Cyber Hero?…

Due to advancements in technology together with the ease of accessibility of digital devices along with cheaper, quicker WiFi children and young people now have the opportunity to spend more time online and from a younger age. Although the internet can be a place of learning and development it can also be a place where children can be vulnerable and have the opportunity to access information that we could usually protect them from offline.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help safeguard children online and to assist schools, parents and guardians to keep children e-safe whilst  widening their own e-safety knowledge.

Our Vision

We want to safeguard children online and make them aware of the potential online risks they can face. We want to help children understand that it can be difficult to distinguish who they are interacting with online and enable them to comprehend  that they can say ‘no’ and not feel coerced into doing something they do not want to do.

My name is Sian, and I am the founder and creator of Cyber Hero CIC. My qualifications include an MSc in Digital Marketing, a Fellowship from the IDM, I have completed Level 3 in safeguarding and Child Welfare and I also have a Diploma in Neuropsychology. I have also just completed my First Aid Mental Health training.

As I began to develop my knowledge about digital dangers, I felt compelled to share the information I have learnt with others to help keep children safer online. Also, as a Mum myself I understand the digital difficulties that Parents, Carers and Educational Facilities may face in the modern world.

I am proud to announce that we are a Community Interest Company (CIC), as Director I feel like this company structure fits perfectly with our company’s ethos. As a CIC our primary aims are to:



To allow any member of our community who has access to a digital device to understand and spot dangers that can occur online. Cyber Hero CIC can also have a positive benefit on the community improving a child overall welfare and wellbeing both on and offline.


By providing courses, we enable individuals to widen their own E-Safety Knowledge to enhance their career as well as keeping children safe online. We also allow people to build up their educational portfolio at a reasonable cost this in turn helps students, unemployed people and people who would like to further their career.


Offline training allows us to reach more members of our community who want to learn more and ask questions about online dangers. This approach helps us reach people who aren’t as technologically savvy to understand digital dangers a little more. We believe that Cyber Hero CIC benefits both digital and physical communities though, wellbeing and providing support.


Cyber Hero CIC enables schools and education providers to localise all of their e-safety and safeguarding information and to invest in their staff too.

I am extremely passionate about keeping children safer online and the spectrum of information we provide. The reason why the information we provide the information for free is that I do not believe that an affluent parent should have a better chance of helping their child rather that one with a lower social economic status, all children deserve that chance to be helped. It is evident that there are many benefits of keeping your child or a child in your care for safer online and protecting them from harm just like we would with the offline world, sometimes the boundaries from both worlds collide.

Together I believe we can keep children safer online and make the world a more positive and safer place to be both on and offline.

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Bespoke E-Safety and Safeguarding Workshops for Teachers and Young People

We provide bespoke e-safety workshops for parents/carers, schools, child centered businesses, community groups and young people themselves so we can ensure the whole school community can be safer online. Our on and offline safeguarding and e-safety workshops for staff are based around the Government’s statutory Keeping Children Safe in Education Framework.

We are fully insured and have current DBS certificates and can provide evidence of internal policies and procedures all of which can be provided before our meeting.

Please follow the link to fill in our online form so we can understand how and where we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Children in UK Have been Cyber Bullied (Source: Ditch The Label.)

Percent of Young people have not told anyone what the worst thing that has happened to them online is (Source: Internet Matters.)

Children in the UK Self-harmed last year (Source: The Children's Society.)

Children Aged 11-16 bet regularly, more than those who have taken drugs, smoked or drunk alcohol. (Source: The Gambling Commission.)

Meet our Friends

Parents Cyber Safety Course

Using information, hints and tips to keep young people e-safe at home, we have put together a Cyber Security course for parents to take free of charge (with an optional donation to our company at the end).

We have spent countless hours researching about digital issues that young people face online. Doing this has allowed us to ensure we create a course that educates you of some cyber issues that your child may be facing online.

Our biggest aim is to ensure every parent is able to have access to resources that will help their child, no matter what their circumstances are.

Please note that this course is not suitable to be viewed, heard or participated in by anyone under the age of 16. There are also trigger warnings including suicide.

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