Due to recent events, the whole of the UK and many other countries have shut their schools, meaning home schooling is the only option for parents and their children. Below we have listed some resources that we think would be beneficial for all ages and even some timetables to help you and your family still have some sort of structure to your day.

Firstly, we have provided you with your own timetable that you can personalise to suit you and your children’s needs. We have given two options, 9am till 3pm like a normal school day, and 8am till 8pm. Some parents may want to structure the day differently and have their children working but with bigger breaks in between, it is all personal preference and what your children can handle. Please download the one that is most suitable to you, we have given a printable option as well as an online version.

BBC Resources

The BBC have many different resources to keep your children learning and engaged during this difficult time. One of the resources is Live Lessons which has over 30 recordings of interactive 30-40 minute programmes. These feature leading experts some of the BBC’s biggest brands and talent, including Doctor Who, Blue Planet Live and CBeebies.

The BBC Food have also provided a how to teach your children through cooking including conveying concepts from fractions to adjectives and even practising modern foreign languages.

Also, of course BBC provide BBC Bitesize which has learning for all ages on giving your children free quizzes to take part in for some fun based learning across a range of subjects.

BBC are also providing free, short curriculum linked clips designed for use in class which help get a point across quickly and effectively. Perfect for visual learners.

Another resource that BBC are providing is Super Movers, a collaboration between the BBC and the Premier League to help get kids moving in limited spaces, perfect for this Pandemic. It has a range of activities designed to get kids moving.

Tutor Hub

Tutor Hub was set up to allow children to connect over homework problems, connect in a thread and solve the homework question together. There is also an option for a parent to pay a tutor to help a child online. This is perfect for any parents or children who are unable to solve a maths problem, you can get help from tutors or other students!


Manga High

Manga High is an excellent site that provides online learning with games that are based on the current curriculum. This site provides learning for maths and coding, allowing students to get involved in quizzes, innovative games and social competitions. If your child and their friends all have this site, it will allow them to keep connected as well as carry on learning.

Phonics Play

Phonics Play has made their website free to all users during this time, so children have the best education whilst they are working from home. This goes through the different phases of phonics; you should be aware of where your child is up to. This allows them to learn about phonics in a fun way, so it digests into their brain properly.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is allowing parents a free login giving you access to phonics worksheets, games, spelling rule videos and further activities.

Top Marks

Top Marks gives you free educational resources in a range of different subjects. Giving your child games and easy ways to learn English, Maths, History and more!

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths is providing maths lessons for every year group which comes with a video of how to do the certain lesson making it fun for the child. They are looking at expanding and adding more videos in the next couple of weeks to keep the content fresh for parents and children during this difficult time.


Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, better known as CAFOD, are providing parents and children resources whilst your school is closed. They will be adding more and more resources as the days go on and already have a range of resources already.

 Physical Development Videos

Being stuck at home can be difficult especially for children, this is a great way for your children to keep moving round the house. We have listed some videos below:

Fun Educational YouTube Channels

Children should be kept safe online before they explore these websites above. If you need guidance about the security or privacy settings on websites and devices visit our Cyber Security and Parental controls page.