Home schooling can be very overwhelming sometimes, learning how to incorporate the curriculum into your home is a great way to make home schooling fun for all! Below we have included a range of fun, exciting things you can do at home that is using the curriculum.

Communication & Language

  • Paper Plate BIG Alphabet – This activity will work on your child’s attention and listening as well as helping them explore new vocabulary.
  • I Spy with my Little Eye – This activity mostly helps to develop and reinforce vocabulary. Also, it helps with social development, learning to cooperate, take turns and practice give-and-take.
  • The Shopping Basket by John Burningham – This book helps your child learn about re-using and sharing old toys by role playing charity shops. Also, it helps them understand the importance of staying sustainable and developing confidence and language.

Physical Development

  • Daily workouts with Joe Wicks – This will help you and your child keep fit and healthy during these difficult times.
  • Daily exercise – We are all allowed 30 minutes outside at the minute therefore take advantage of this every day, still practicing social distancing, however, make sure to take in the fresh air.
  • Playing games in the garden – There are many garden games that you could play if you have a garden like catch, football and trampoline (if you have one).

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Emotions Sorting Game – This game helps you and your child to discuss all the different emotions and make them aware of how to feel those emotions and what you should do if you do feel them.
  • A Jar Full of Feelings – This is a really simple game that will help children get in control of their emotions and recognise certain feelings.
  • Paper Plate Emotions Masks – For children, its not always easy to talk about emotions because they are not sure what emotions they are feeling. By having these emotion masks, it will help them understand better.


  • Listen to Audio Books – At the minute, David Walliams is bringing out one audio book each day.
  • Wordsearches – Wordsearches are a great and fun way to keep your child’s mind active and teach them how to spell different words.
  • Letter dot to dot – This is a fantastic way for children to learn the alphabet and learn how to spell and sound out different words.


  • Maths Tree Activity – This is a very fantastic activity for children who are learning addition.
  • Dinosaur Board Game – Using a dice and a small game you have created; this is a great way to learn counting.
  • The Yes/No Game – A great game for memory, asking questions and learning shapes.

Understanding the World

  • Build your own compost bin – A great follow-up to this activity is to build your own vermicomposter. Kids love worms! Building your own worm bin is a simple project that they can make an ongoing contribution to your garden. It’s an excellent way for kids to develop responsibility, take ownership and hopefully develop a love for building compost and using it to grow their own plants and food.
  • Gardening – Why not buy some bird seeds and leave them at the bottom of the garden? As we get into spring, it allows you and your child to watch the birds and allows them to learn more about animals and wildlife.
  • Making a documentary or short film – This is a great idea for children as they always love talking and exploring. Why not make a film in your garden? Or film a news report.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Toilet Paper Tube Owl – This is a fantastic idea for you to recycle any kitchen roll tubes or toilet paper tubes. It allows your child to experiment with colours and get involved with arts and crafts.
  • Musical Statues – By playing a game of musical statues, it allows your child to express themselves using music and allows them to get a better understanding of games and rules, especially if you have more than one child.
  • Puppets – By making puppets, it allows your child to be involved within arts and crafts as well as role play by putting on a puppet show for the rest of the family. You could even video call some family members for a special performance!

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