TikTok is becoming a very popular social networking site, especially over these difficult times, now with more than 500 million monthly active users. The simple answer on how to use this is simply downloading it and getting to grips with it yourself. Have a look at the type of content that people are posting and try to create some content yourself! Below we have put together a list of instructions on how to use the app.

1. Download the app and sign up

This is a simple step. Simply download the app to your phone and TikTok will give you the option to instantly sign up with one of your other social media apps like Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. If you don’t have any of these, simply sign up with a standard username or password.

2. Set up your profile

In the bottom right hand corner there will be a button that says ‘me’ this will take you to your profile. This is where you can customise this to what your audience sees. You can add your other social media links as well as a bio and profile picture.

3. Start viewing videos!

Once setting up your profile, simply click the button in the bottom left corner which says ‘home’. This is where any video that is classed as popular or trending will come up. As you begin using TikTok more, your feed will become more suited to your interests and the types of videos that you like watching. Remember to like, comment and share any videos that you like, this will not only give the credit to the TikTok creator, but it will also allow TikTok to build a feed that is personalised to you.

4. Start to search for videos

If you tap the second tab, this will take you to the search function. It will allow you to search for a certain category of videos or even a TikTok creator. If you already know that some of your friends and family have TikTok, make sure to search and follow them as they will do the same back.

5. Post a TikTok

The third tab in, includes a red plus button, to create a TikTok simply click this button, click on the effect you would like to use and the sound. TikTok will give you the trending sounds to begin with but you can always search for the music or sound that you are looking for. Simply record your video, add a caption and post it to your followers using the relevant hashtags.

Make sure you have fun with making your TikToks. Maybe take part in any challenges that are taking place or use some trendy hashtags to get more viewers. TikTok is a great way to cheer up any family members, even yourself during these difficult times. Try getting other members of your family involved and filming with you. You never know, after this is all over, you could be a TikTok star!

Children should be kept safe online before they explore online. If you need guidance about the security or privacy settings on websites, apps and devices including Tik Tok visit our Cyber Security and Parental controls page.