The PlayStation 5 was released mid-November with huge demanding sales meaning almost every pre-order sold out in seconds. If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to get one, this may have been as a Christmas present for your child.

We have listed 5 safety tips below to ensure that your child is using the PS5 in the safest possible way.

1. Set up an account as a family manager

In order to ensure your child is using the PSN online system in the safest manor, ensure you set up an account as the family manager, then create a separate child account for each child, ensuring to tailor their account regarding their age and maturity. Find out more here.

2. Parental Controls

If your child is under the age of 16, it is essential you have parental controls in place to prevent them from viewing something that they shouldn’t.

These parental controls will:

  • Restrict communication with other players
  • Restrict viewing content created by other players
  • Set play time controls
  • Set spending limits
  • Restrict access to web browser

Find out more here.

3. Talk about Online Safety

Before you give your child access to PSN, they should be aware of the dangers they could encounter online. PlayStation have created a list of PSN rules that need to be followed, we suggest going through these with your child to ensure they understand everything. Find the PSN rules here.

4. Predatory Behaviour

Make sure you and your child are aware what to watch out for when it comes to grooming such as them asking overly personal questions and strangers asking to meet up with your child. Discuss this with them and ask them if they are feeling uncomfortable to come and speak to you. For more advice on grooming, please click here.

5. Blocking and Reporting

Before your child is allowed on online games, you should make them aware of the process to go through when it comes to blocking or reporting inappropriate content, bullies or people breaking the code of conduct.

Learn how to block someone here.

Learn how to report someone here.


Children should be kept safe online before they explore online. If you need guidance about the security or privacy settings on websites, apps and devices including the PlayStation 5 visit our Cyber Security and Parental controls page.