As we are back in Lockdown, schools have been forced to close, leaving children to be home-schooled once again. Over the past couple of days, there has been a lot of speculation regarding not every family having access to the internet which is the cruel brutal reality of the world. The BBC have kindly stepped in and have put some educational programmes on throughout the day for primary and secondary school students. This blog will take you through the different things that BBC have put in place to ensure your child gets the education that they deserve!

Primary School Students

On CBBC, there will be a three-hour block of primary school programming every weekday from 9am. These programs will include BBC Live Lessons, BBC Bitesize Daily as well as some loved titles like Horrible Histories and Operation Ouch.

Please take a look at the schedule here.

Secondary School Students

On BBC Two, there will be at least two hours of content every weekday which will support the GCSE curriculum. Content will include Shakespeare, classic drama adaptions as well as some science, history and factual titles.

Please take a look at the schedule here.

BBC Bitesize

For Primary, BBC Bitesize Online have uploaded a range of Maths and English lessons for all year groups, the topics included co-alongside with the Spring curriculum which is taught in schools. Please visit the website and click your child’s year group for more information here.

When it comes to Secondary, Bitesize has created two week learning packs for KS3 students incorporating this terms topics as well as some other subjects to be used at home. Visit the website for more information here.

For students in years 10 and 11, Bitesize allows you to pick your exam board and subject to find everything you need to help with your revision. Visit the website here.


Children should be kept safe online, find out more here.

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