Over the last decade, adults and children have become addicted to the online world. Whether this be online gaming, social media or just simply reading the news. As it is Safer Internet Day, we want to highlight the importance of online safety and some things to look out for when it comes to browsing online.

Internet safety is top priority when it comes to children especially, we have listed the cyber security and parental controls for all of the top games and networks ranging from Facebook to Fortnite and PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, not all scams and cyberbullying can be stopped by the parental controls put in place, below we have gone through some of the dangers online that you should make your child aware of.

Posting Private Information

Posting Private information like your home address, school name or phone number all over the internet can be really dangerous when it comes to your child’s safety online.

If your child is playing on games like Roblox or on social media like Instagram or Snapchat, you need to make them aware of the importance of sharing personal information and the consequences of sharing it with people you don’t know as they could be criminals.


Cyber bullying is a form of bullying that takes place anywhere online, this could be through social media, gaming apps and many other places online. You need to ensure that you make your child aware of the dangers of speaking to people they don’t know online and teach them how to handle if they are talking to a bully, this could even be someone they know.

Trolling is also a huge aspect of cyber bullying which can take place when people create fake profiles to target and abuse people online, please take a look at our cyber bullying page for more information.



Phishing is where criminals get access to personal information like passwords, addresses and phone numbers through emails and online messaging. Please make sure your child is aware of the dangers of sharing private information and not clicking any links on emails that may look suspicious.

Please view our six point plan to prevent phishing.


Inapropriate Content 

Even though you put parental controls on your child’s devices, it is very easy for websites to use keywords that are relatable for children so they can surpass the parental controls. This could also happen in the form of an ad when your child is playing on games or even can pop up on forums.

Please teach your child if they see something that makes them feel uncomfortable to come straight to you or another adult so they can deal with this accordingly. Or if your child is a little older, please teach them about reporting or unfollowing certain things like forums or even social media posts.

Our aim is to ensure that the internet is a safe place for your children, please take a look at our digital issues section to ensure you are educated on the different issues that can be encountered online.


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