The popular South Korean series, Squid Game was released on Netflix in September 2021, it features characters competing in a series of games were failure results in death. The hit show has been watched by 142 million Netflix households and despite there being a 15-age rating with content including suicide, violence and sex, children are still managing to watch.

Children are watching this show through Netflix and even if they are on a Children account, they can still access these videos through YouTube. There has also been many parody’s of the show being created throughout YouTube, one of the most popular being the TV show, SNLs comedy sketch of this.

There have been numerous news articles about Children recreating some of the scenes in the playground at school. BBC News highlighted that a primary school in Lincoln, a group of children aged six were discussing the show and re-enacting some scenes.

Why are PEGI Ratings issued?

Children may view unsuitable or distressing content.  Age ratings are put on tv shows for a reason, and this is to protect the user.  Age ratings potentially protect children from sexual or violent material.

In order to prevent your child from being exposed to the show and its controversial topics, please ensure you use the correct parental controls for both Netflix and YouTube, these can be found using the link below.

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