Evil Santa videos have surfaced throughout YouTube. These videos include a disgusting message where children are being told by ‘evil Santa’ to stab themselves in order to receive presents. The most concerning part about this, is that the video has come up on YouTube Kids, despite there being parental controls.

Many parents have raised concerns on social media as the video has bypassed the algorithms YouTube Kids has put in place to make it a safe space. Below, we have listed some tips to keep your child as safe as possible.

Warn them about the video

Have a discussion with your child and let them know there is a video going round of a cartoon Santa and if they see it to tell you as soon as possible. Make sure you explain that this isn’t the real Santa and not to believe anything they say.

Inform your Child’s School

Although teachers try to keep up with the news, sometimes there is so much going on, they may miss a few issues. Think about sending an email to your child’s school or teacher just to make them aware of what is going on so more parents are informed.

Ensure all Parental Controls are switched on for your Child’s devices

Even though this video bypassed the parental controls, it is still vital that all parental controls are switched on for your child’s devices. The majority of the time, this prevents them from being affected by any inappropriate videos. Please follow the link below to learn more about parental settings for different platforms.

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