The Lack of Support for Reality Stars & impacts on their Mental Health

Reality shows like Love Island, Big Brother and Married at First Sight give people the opportunity to become famous and classed as a ‘Reality Star’. Going from having your normal regular routine before the show then coming out to thousands of followers across social media can be a lot for people to take in. This is why there should be a strong support system for the reality stars when they return to normal life.

Something else to take into consideration is the editing of the show, producers create TV shows for entertaining purposes therefore perceive people in a certain way or dramatize certain situations to create an entertaining episode. Because of this, it could cause backlash and encourages people to share their opinions about people within the show. This is something that TV shows do not take into consideration as once the reality star returns to their daily life, these comments will be all over social media and within news articles. It is important for them to be offered therapy, counselling or advice if and when they need it.

Additionally, if a reality star has made a positive impact on people, this could also perceive them as an inspirational figure and someone that people will look up to. This is something that TV shows will need to take into consideration as it could put pressure on the reality star and create anxiety issues due to them having a big following.

Something to take from this is whenever you are watching a reality show, unless you have anything nice to say, do not use social media as a tool to share your negative thoughts and opinions as this could really affect someone’s mental health.

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