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Ages 11+

Spend time with your child online.

Understand how your child uses the internet and what platforms and devices they prefer to use, additionally also educate them to switch on the privacy settings correctly to reduce cyber risks. By doing this you can both spend quality time online and additionally you can comprehend how to use the platform and recognise their behaviour. By recognising their behaviour pattern, you can then identify if they show any signs of distress whilst using the device or platform. Additionally, you can then understand how the parental controls work and how to protect your child.


If you have a young child, we recommend that you supervise their online access. You may have seen this can now be done using apps for specific platforms and devices. Supervision can help your child from seeing something that may potentially upset them and keep them out of danger. You can also adjust the privacy or parent settings to ensure your family can be safe online.

Find out more about how to protect your home here.


Make sure your child knows that if they see anything that upsets them online that they should tell you. You can then block the site/delete the app and report the upsetting content. Ensure your child is aware that anything they upload can no be kept forever or even made viral for the world to see. Is the content they are uploading something they want to be remembered forever?


Ensure you child knows how to stay safe online and that they have the right to say no if they do not want to partake in a digital activity. Safety online is imperative, and they need to understand not to share private information whether that by financial, physical location or even inappropriate images to eliminate the risk of this information being shared.

Quantity of time spent online Vs Quality of time spent online.

As we know children can be wholehearted and excited about most tasks they complete and sometimes unfortunately, they do not have the ability to assess the danger.  This can be even more difficult online. Quantity of time v quality does not necessarily mean spending less time online however it could be used for more educational, fitness or wellbeing platforms. Using a family agreement can help your child spend more quality time on digital devices resulting in all round better mental and physical wellbeing. The agreement incorporates the steps we recommend above an could assist with this as they can then adhere to the rules that have been set by yourselves.

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