Digital Detox & Family Agreements

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What is a digital detox?

A Digital Detox is where you disconnect from digital devices to reconnect with the people in your life.

In modern day society it can be difficult to establish the right balance between the digital and physical world. Digital devices play a significant part in our lives whether its messaging people on messaging platforms, playing games or checking social media there is no doubt that technology plays a intracule part of today’s society.

Digital education and innovation have been accelerated due to the development of technology access to cheaper and quicker WIFI and the spectrum of portable devices available. However, there are also drawbacks to this as we carry portable devices with us, we wake up to them and we go to bed with them but how much screen time is too much? Does your phone distract you or your loved ones from what you/they are supposed to be doing? Are you constantly being ignored, or people say you are ignoring them? It may be time to set some ground rules for yourself and family to improve your communications in the digital and physical world.

Here is our 7-point plan to help you stick to you and your family stick to our digital detox…

1. Write each person’s name down and create a list of the digital devices you use and how long you currently  spend on each device. Some devices actually record your screen time so you can have a look at the actual breakdown. You may be surprised by how many devices you actually have and how long you actually spend on specific devices and apps.

2. Don’t set unachievable targets, you want to succeed as a family together.

3. As a family establish why you are partaking in a digital detox. Is it to spend more time as a family? Increase physical communication? Or is it to reduce the amount of time spent online?

4. Do not set someone up to fail, when you think standards are slipping speak to each other as it can be easy to get off track.

5. Set limits but do not try to eliminate all of the time you spend online and just take it one step at a time. If you think you could benefit from further changes going forward, make sure you talk about these on the review date.

6. As well as making a digital detox to spend less time on your devices why not make a conscious effort to spend more time as a family. This could even be switching your digital devices off at the table. Setting an example for your child is especially important as they will learn from the behaviour you set.

7. Make sure you tell the people around you what you are doing. Other people will want you to succeed. Spending more time as a family is obviously a positive thing additionally, others may learn from your example and want to partake in a digital detox.

Areas to Consider…


Creating a family agreement can help you as a family work together to understand how and why your time is allocated online and where this could be adapted going forward.


When you are creating the agreement try not to isolate anyone for their current behaviour and look to how to improve your quality time online.


As well as talking about your current behaviour why not look at some health and wellness apps to promote healthy living in you household.


Before you sign make sure everyone is happy with the terms and ensure you have a review period to so you can adapt the agreement as a family to any changes.

Download your Digital Agreement here…

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