Cyber Safety in your Home

We have put together information, hints and tips to keep young people e-safe at home. We have spent countless hours researching about digital issues that young people face online. Doing this has allowed us to create resources and provide you with relavant information to promote online safety and how the improve quality time online in your home. 

Click on the relevant  button below to find out more about how you can protect young people in your home.

Please remember If you think your child is in danger at any time please call 999 immediately.

Cyber Security & Parental Controls

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Digital Detox & Family Agreements

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What type of Parenting style do you have?

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Age Appropriate Advice

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Glossary of Terms

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Digital Issues

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Children in UK Have been Cyber Bullied (Source: Ditch The Label.)

Percent of Young people have not told anyone what the worst thing that has happened to them online is (Source: Internet Matters.)

Children in the UK Self-harmed last year (Source: The Children's Society.)

Children Aged 11-16 bet regularly, more than those who have taken drugs, smoked or drunk alcohol. (Source: The Gambling Commission.)

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