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50 Individual log ins (Additional log ins charged at £10)

Includes updated classroom materials, additional information e.g. legislation orpolictical implications or changes in Ofsted regulations and access to teachers’lounge and access to webinars. Unlimited subscription.

Learning objectives for our E-Safety and Safeguarding course include:

  • Identify various online and offline safeguarding issues and risks.
  • Understand mental health in the classroom.
  • Understand context in sexual violence.
  • Identify and understand relevant statutory guidance for E-safety and Safeguarding.
  • Recognise the roles and responsibilities or staff and the educational facility.
  • Understand who to share information with and why multi-agency working is important.
  • Understand Reporting procedures and why reporting and record keeping is important when recording safeguarding risks.
  • Identify definitions and indicators of neglect and abuse.
  • Be more confident and competent when identifying and understanding safeguarding and e-safety risks in an educational setting.

Please note group subscriptions purchased Monday- Friday between 9am-5pm will be activated within 24 Hours. Any subscriptions purchased on Weekends or Bank holidays will be activated within 24 hours of the next working day.

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