Emoji Lollipops Worksheet


Description: Cut out each emotion and stick each one to a lollipop stick using the glue.

The emoji lollipop sticks can be use in a number of ways:

  • For a child to express how they are emotionally feeling.
  • How a child feels about a statement. This does not just have to be about online safety this can also be implemented into other areas of teaching and discussions to make them more interactive. i.e when talking about explorers this can help be asking statements like ‘Would you like to visit the North Pole’ or describing the conditions people lived in on boats. How would you feel about travelling on a boat across the sea?’
  • You can use the discussion cards to find out how a specific online issue makes a child feel.

Activity Timeframe: 25 minutes to create.

Additional Tools Needed: Lollipop sticks, Glue and Scissors

Learning outcomes and skills used: Educating children to express how they are feeling emotionally and help with communicating their emotions in different scenarios including day-to-day life.

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