Guess Who? Worksheet



The adult will present the children with descriptions of 3 people they are:

  1. This person likes to play football in their garden.
  2. This person likes to dance and sing on Tik ToK
  3. This person like to play with their dog

After each description, the children will need time to draw what they think the person will look like.

The adult will then explain that the first two are children and the last one is an adult. This highlights although we may have the same interests as someone, they may not be who they think they are.

Activity Timeframe: 4 minutes per image for the child to draw, 5 minutes for a discussion at the end – 17 Minutes overall.

Additional Tools Needed: A writing tool, Images of 2 children and an adult.

Learning outcomes and skills used: This activity highlights to the children that not everyone is who they think they are, allowing them to be a lot more aware and conscious of who they are speaking to online.

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