KS1 Worksheets Package


Description: Package full of all our KS1 activities at a great discount. Allows you to plan your lessons or activities accordingly.

Activities Included:

  • Profiles Acronym
  • Emoji Lollipops
  • Feelings Chart
  • KS1 Foldable Book
  • How can I be Kind Online?
  • Kindness Online
  • Is it OK to Share Online?
  • Should you? Would you? Board Game
  • GYG (Get Your Grownup)
  • Pass the Portrait
  • Friendship Rainbow
  • How can I stay safe online?
  • Classroom Agreement
  • Creating a Password
  • My Website Review
  • My Book Review
  • Website Review Worksheet
  • Facts about an Artist
  • Facts about Animals
  • Facts about a Specific Country
  • Facts about Dinosaurs
  • Facts about Earth & Space
  • Facts about Egyptians
  • Facts about Kings & Queens
  • Facts about Liverpool
  • Facts about Solids, Liquids & Gasses
  • Facts about the Body
  • Facts about the Olympics
  • Facts about the World Cup

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Documents come in PDF and PNG format.

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