My Story Copyright Worksheet


Description: The page is split in to 3 sections and the children need to be in groups of 3. The person puts their name and date on the top of the page. You can give the children a topic to write a short fictional story about. This could be a topic you have been studying or even something simple like a day at the beach.

Child one will start the story with the beginning, then swap to child two who will read the first paragraph and then add a middle finally the story will be switched to child three who will read both paragraphs then add the ending.

The paper is then passed back to the first person as this is the person whose name and date are on the paper. They can then read through the story they have collaborated on.

You then discuss with the class who it belongs to and why. How the work has changed. Did they adapt their idea to fit in with the other persons stories and discuss the similarities and differences of their stories to the people they have worked with. Even though everyone contributed who does the work belong to and the importance if you are working with someone to put your name and date on it to so you can all received credit.

Activity Timeframe: 30 Minutes.

Additional Tools Needed: A writing tool.

Learning outcomes and skills used:The activity explores copywrite and is used to highlight how important it is to put your name and date your piece of work.

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