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Our online Community Hub is a complete solution for educational facilities to implement an effective approach to both on and offline safety. Our online CPD approved course should enable members of your community to recognise and minimise safeguarding risks for children in their care.

CPD Approved Online Courses

DSL Safeguarding and E-Safety Course

We have developed our CPD course by combining the most recent version of the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) statutory framework from The Department for Education, The UK Council for Internet Safety’s Education ‘A Connected World’ Framework (UKCCIS), academic journals, reputable resources and also Ofsted Framework.

Suitable for a Designated Safeguarding Lead along with a Deputy DSL also.

Packages Available

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Online CPD Approved E-Safety and Safeguarding Course

1 Individual Log in


Fundamental School E-Safety and Safeguarding Safety Subscription

10 Individual Log ins


Most Popular

Standard School E-Safety and Safeguarding Safety Subscription

30 Individual Log ins


Complete Community E-Safety and Safeguarding Safety School Subscription

50 Individual Log ins


Educational Resources

We have put together some educational worksheets for you to use within your lessons or workshops. They all encorporate E-Safety and Safeguarding in a fun, educational way.

Our Community Hub will also allow you and your team to:


Understand and meet the statutory safeguarding duties in the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) guidance.


Understand the ‘Education for a Connected World Framework’ set by the UK Council for Internet Safety.


Localise your e-safety and safeguarding training whilst showing evidence of investing in your teams’ development.



“It really is a much needed service. Certainly at this moment in time where there is so much uncertainty. None of us have ever experienced anything like this. We are all learning to adapt to this new way of life together. I have parents calling me breaking down because they are struggling themselves so feel they’re letting the kids down by not having answers. This is why it is imperative we have the likes of your page. Helping both parents and children with support, informative information and sign posting. I have shared your link and have had very positive feedback. Also with no face to face counselling/support at moment it’s a lifeline to our most vulnerable children.”

Michelle Adlard

School Councillor and Psychotherapist

CPD Approved Online Courses

Our online CPD approved courses should enable members of your community to recognise and minimise safeguarding risks for children in their care.

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Bespoke E-Safety and Safeguarding Workshops for Teachers and Young People

We provide bespoke e-safety workshops for parents/carers, schools, child centered businesses, community groups and young people themselves so we can ensure the whole school community can be safer online. Our on and offline safeguarding and e-safety workshops for staff are based around the Government’s statutory Keeping Children Safe in Education Framework.

We believe that we have the right core elements to ensure that the key areas of a young persons life are covered to understand how we can all keep both their homelife and school life safer. After our initial consultation we can work together so that we can understand what digital issues you are facing and how we can work together to help create awareness and minimise digital risks that are affecting the children in your care. We can link the workshops to current topics and find that PSE and e-safety  topics work really well together.

We are fully insured and have current DBS certificates and can provide evidence of internal policies and procedures all of which can be provided before our meeting.

Please follow the link to fill in our online form so we can understand how and where we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

school resources, online course, e-safety course, cpd approved courses

Parents Courses and Workshops 

Using information, hints and tips to keep young people e-safe at home, we have put together a Cyber Security course for parents to take free of charge (with an optional donation to our company at the end).

We have spent countless hours researching about digital issues that young people face online. Doing this has allowed us to ensure we create a course that educates you about some of the cyber issues that your child may be facing online.

Our biggest aim is to ensure every parent is able to have access to resources that will help their child, no matter what their circumstances are.

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