The Dark Web

The open web is the publicly visible part of the internet that most of us use every day, this is information that we can access through search engines i.e. Google, Bing or Yahoo. The deep web is the part of the internet which is commonly hidden from public view. The difference from the open web is that the deep web is not accessed via the usual search engines. Corporations have websites or intranets that can only be accessed by authorised people such as their employees, their information is usually password-protected.The dark web is generally accessed using dedicated software through software that creates anonymity, with the best-known being TOR (The Onion Router). This then allows the user to Google search and download the information free of charge. TOR is not the dark web but is a way for the user to browse the open and dark web, without anyone being able to recognise the user or trace their activity.

The Dark Web can be used to:

  • Traffic in drugs.
  • Obtain illegal weapons.
  • Hire a hitman.
  • Access information containing Grooming and paedophilia activities or content.
  • Access information containing Suicide or Self-Harm.
  • Access information with extreme or Radical views.
An image of a man with his face covered on a laptop, we inform you of the risks of the dark web and what it entails.

What are the risks of the Dark Web to children?

  • Lack of regulated content and users.
  • Due to the anonymity of the dark web, it is tougher for the Police to investigate cases of abuse.
  • Explicit content.
  • Children can access sites with indecent images, sites selling drugs and or weapons – this is also the case for the ‘open web’. Take a look at how to set parental controls below.
  • Online grooming.
  • Sex offenders can use the dark web to talk about their strategy to take advantage of children you can take a look at how to identify sign of grooming.

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