We have a range of workshops available for every provision, educating young people, parents and youth provisions on an effective approach to both on and offline safety. We can work with whoever and create a bespoke course in order to improve and enhance your safeguarding knowledge.

Our Workshops

6 Week Community Group Workshop

This course entails 1 hour sessions for 6 weeks where we will create a bespoke package of topics that suits your youth group. Up to 8-10 people.


1 Hour Youth Workshop

8 children, £10 per person. These sessions are tailored to be completely bespoke to you and your youth provision.


Level Up your Cyber Knowledge

3.5 Hour (half day) Parents Course

8 parents. £45 per person. This course allows us to educate parents on some of the safeguarding risks and digital issues that young people are facing today.


Online Parents Course

Using information, hints and tips to keep young people e-safe at home, we have put together a Cyber Security course for parents to take free of charge (with an optional donation to our company at the end).


Cyber Safety Consultancy

We believe that we have the right core elements to ensure that the key areas of a young persons life are covered to understand how we can all keep both their homelife and school life safer. After our initial consultation we can work together so that we can understand what digital issues you are facing and how we can work together to help create awareness and minimise digital risks that are affecting the children in your care.

£50 per hour

Our values:

Professional yet approachable

100% Confidentiality




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